Santorini: the island you will call “home”

You will never say Santorini without thinking about the blue domes. Those wonderful, colourful domes, raising up among the island. The same island where sunset, relax and great food go under the same word: Greece.

But Santorini is even more than that, just like Mykonos is even more than simple nightlife.

Hidden Gems 


Its hidden gems, such as the Red Beach; the little, tiny lanes you will find on your way to Oia; the nightlife in Thirà and the breathless views you will enjoy from the terraces… Well, they’ll make a trip to Santorini worth the visit and the stay. So let’s sip a cocktail on a terrace with the best view you’ll ever see; drive your car through the towns and meet the locals; have a gyros in Perissa, while you’re having your sunbath.

Oia and its amazing sunset

Relax at your fingertips

Let’s get lost into what the word “relax” will never have the power to explain better than living it.

Blue domes are just the edge of the wedge in Santorini. Once you’ll be there, between the lighting white of the walls and the dark, but intense blue of the doors and the domes, you’ll be soon projected into a timeless universe, finding yourself as a citizen of the island. You will look at tourists as your own neighbours and you won’t ever be tempted anymore to litter because, as they say: “We welcome you to our island as a friend, but remember that we live here all the time, all that we ask you is to keep it clean like this was your own home”.

Know the people

These are the people behind the blue domes, behind the lanes, behind the gyros you’ll have or you’re having.

If you’ll ever try to live it this way, you will leave this island by knowing you left your new nest. Your new home.

See you soon, Santorini.


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Santorini: the island you will call “home”