Every secret you should know about Positano

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A little bit of History

The Amalfi Coast is a parallel universe, where time stopped back to the ‘60s. Back when La Dolce Vita was still alive and, why not, everything seemed to be a little more magical, like a dream brought to life. Here you will find eternal cities like Amalfi and its harbor, Ravello and its terraces, Positano and its... “just being Positano”.


Shall we go now?

So, renting a car – maybe a vintage Fiat 500 – and drive it all long the Coast will be a great experience for anyone. You'll go across beautiful scenarios, architectures made to astonish everyone’s eyes and the best sunrises and sunsets you’ll ever find. People are nice and kind: they stop talking to you and they truly dedicate their time sharing their stories.

After all... sharing is caring, isn't it?



It's like a small world where kindness is still “trendy”, yet not a simple cliché. Finally, jump up in the car again and drive anywhere outside the city. The highness of the cliffs is scary enough, no doubt on that. But hey, don’t worry: every single view will entertain you more than fear will ever do. Just stop your car again, get over it, and take a look at the cities on the background of that beautiful painting the whole Amalfi Coast is. Hence, take a deep breath and enjoy the view

Dig deeper

This isn’t over. If you’ll be curious enough to lose yourself inside these amazing cities, you’ll be able to find out a lot of typical shops for dresses, or even shoes, such like wooden sandals.


Did someone say "pizza"?!

Go deeper, walk the thousands steps taking you up and down the town centers and you’ll be able to reach several good restaurants and, why not, maybe you’ll even have a great taste of homemade pasta…or a bite of pizza! Sound good, doesn't it?

That’s amore, that’s Italy.



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Every secret you should know about Positano